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How to create an invoice?

UKKO.fi is an invoice service for light entrepeneurs. This means that a light entrepeneur can make an invoice through our service and we will send it forward. After this, we will take care of all the necessary payments, as well as the bureaucracy, after which you will get the salary you have earned straight to your bank account.

Below you can read the instructions on how to create an invoice through our service.

Creating an Invoice

When you want to bill your client for the work you have done, you must first login to your own control panel. Click "Invoices" > "New Invoice" and fill in the form that opens up.

It is possible to save a temporary draft of the invoice form and come back to it later. Once your form is complete, you may send it forward to us. If you are frequently billing the same client, you can save the information details to the "Customer" page for later use.

1. Client Contact Details

Choose the right client from the drop-down menu or fill in the details manually. Choose whether you want to invoice a Company or an Individual person. (E.g. when invoicing an association without a Business ID, you should choose "Individual person".)



Choose invoice delivery method:

  • By email
  • By mail
  • By Finvoice


Fill in the name of the client's contact person and email (voluntary).

  • We will send messages related to billing, such as in regards to payment overdue or an invoice arriving by regular mail.
  • If you have chosen "email" as your delivery method, we will send the invoice itself to the contact person's email address.

If you have chosen "mail" as your delivery method, please fill in the Invoicing address of the recipient.

If you have chosen "Finvoice" as your delivery method, please fill in the Finvoice address (e.g. OVT- or IBAN-number).

You can check the correct Finvoice addresses from here:http://verkkolasku.tieke.fi/

Choose the correct country for your invoice. Wen choosing a country other than Finland from the "Country" dropdown menu, we will automatically send the invoice in English.

NOTE! Make sure to ask your client's billing details already when agreeing about the work you'll be doing. By sending the invoices directly to the correct address you will avoid any unnecessary delays on receiving your salary.

2. Invoice details

  • Choose the payment term (Note! Minimum payment term for individuals is 14 days).
  • When needed or requested from the client, add client reference. This can, for example, be the name of the contact person (so the account ledger will know who has ordered the work) or the name of the project that your work is related to.
  • You can also add your own text that will appear on the invoice. In here you can add a more detailed description of your work, if you wish to. (NOTE! The nature and field of your work should always be visible in the invoice, e.g. "February salary" is not specific enough.)
  • Choose the line of work being invoiced from the dropdown menu. If you can't find one that will fit you, you can specify this later in the "Message to UKKO.fi administration" section. This will not be visible to the client.

3. Invoiced goods/services


Choose the correct VAT rate. Usually this is 24 %, however, there are exceptions. If you are uncertain, you can always contact our customer service.

Add each invoicable goods or service (e.g. "Web-page Design") to its own row. More rows will appear when you click the blue "Add new row" button.

  • Fill in the "Amount" of goods or services that you are billing for (in units).
  • As your "Unit" you can choose either Pcs or Hour(s).
  • To "Unit price" you should fill in the price of each unit, in other words the cost of one unit or one hour.
  • You can choose whether you want to include the VAT rate to the Unit price or not. If you have chosen to exclude the VAT rate here the system will automatically calculate the amount of the VAT rate and add it to the invoice.

"Starting date" and "End date" refer to the dates you have started and ended your work. If you have only worked during one day, then write the same date for both.

4. Expense list

Fill in all expenses related to your work by adding each expense receipt separately. Click "Save and add expenses" to add a new receipt. Fill in what, where and when have you both and specify and correct each VAT rate on every receipt.

If you want the expenses to be shown in the invoice and billed from your client, choose "Add expenses to invoice automatically".

If you don't want to bill your client for the expenses, delete the tab from "Add expenses to invoice automatically".

5. Per diem, meal and travel allowances

Here you can add your per diem, meal and travel allowances.

6. Team invoicing

With team invoicing, you can share your invoiced amount with other light entrepeneurs who have worked with the same job. For example, if you are performing with a band, you can share the invoiced amount with all band members. To add a new light entrepeneur, click the blue "+ add another person" button. Fill in the user's email address, as well as the amount you wanna share in euros.

7. Message to UKKO.fi administration

Still unsure about something related to your invoice? Here you can write a message to UKKO.fi administration. Give us a shout and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
8. Preview invoice and approve
After filling out all the necessary information, click approve or save a draft of your invoice.
You can look at your draft in preview before approving and sending it forward. When you no longer need to make changes click "approve invoice".
Once you have approved your invoice, it will go to our administration for a double-check, after which it will go forward to your client.
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