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UKKO.fi Light Entrepreneurship as Unemployed

I am unemployed - can I work as a light entrepreneur through UKKO.fi? Yes.

You can of course work as a light entrepreneur while unemployed. As of January 2018, the new Unemployment Security Act amendment came into effect in Finland. This new amendment allows unemployed job seekers to receive unemployment benefits automatically for four months in the beginning of entrepreneurial activities. During this time, the primary or secondary nature of the entrepreneurship will not be assessed. 

After the 4-month time period, TE-services will evaluate the situation and make decision on whether or not the entrepreneurial activities should be assessed as primary or secondary. If latter, the eligibility to receive benefits remains. If, however, the entrepreneurial activities are assessed as primary by TE-services, right to receive benefits will be terminated. 

For TE-services the most relevant information in making their assessment will be the amount of work hours used, not the income received. After the first 4 months, the assessment will be based on the actual work hours happened during those months. 

Short-term entrepreneurship

As of January 2017, the new term "short-term entrepreneurship" became into use. This means that TE-services need not to be notified of all entrepreneurial activities that last under two weeks at a time, even if during those weeks they would be of primary nature. In practice however, Kela will request an inquiry from TE-services, even in the case of short-term entrepreneurial activities. 

Please remember to confirm and consult everything from TE-services, Kela and your unemployment fund already before starting any entrepreneurial activities. Different authorities may have different perceptions on how invoicing trough UKKO.fi may affect your benefits. 
Please, do not hesitate to contact our customer service when needed: UKKO.fi Customer Service.


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