Am I insured during my work?

Accident insurance is always included in our service. Please note, that it is required for you to make the worknote. Only after this is your insurance valid. Making the worknote only takes up a minute of your time. accident insurance covers injuries and accidents incurred during the work invoiced through the service, within the conditions and limitations stipulated in the insurance terms. insurance does not revoke the client's (toimeksiantaja) responsibility to cover the insurances required by Worker's Compensation Act, when needed. 

Liability Insurace is included in our service fee. Within the conditions and limitation stipulated in the insurance terms, our liability insurance covers damages up to 1 000 000 euros, so that the user is responsible for the insurance deductible. 

By request, we can get required special work insurances to our users. For more information please contact our customer service. 
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