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Is There an Age Limit?

There is no higher age limit for our service. Lower age limit, however, is 15 years and all under 18-year-old's must have a written permission signed by their guardian. 

It is possible for under aged to work as a light entrepreneur through UKKO.fi, but the lower age limit is 15 years. People younger than that can't unfortunately use our service. All under aged users must also deliver their tax card for salary payment. 

With Young worker's, the following should be considered:

  • A written contract between the young worker and the client must be made. *
  • Work must be suitable for Young Workers and it must not be hazardous to his/her health, development or interfere with school. 
  • Working hours must follow the legislation regarding Young Workers.
  • The client ordering the work must provide proper training and supervision.

* Users can download a Contract Template and use it as a basis for their own contract. UKKO.fi is not a party in the contract.


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