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How much is the YEL contribution?

YEL insurance is statutory and the percentage is same for all entrepreneurs. The amount of YEL contributions is a set percentage of the YEL income you estimate yourself.

UKKO.fi makes the YEL-payments to Varma based on the YEL income estimate you give in your own control panel.


The percentage of YEL contributions in 2020 is:

  • 24,10 % – aged 18 to 52 and over 63
  • 25,6 % – aged 53 to 62

For new entrepreneurs, a discount of 22 % is automatically applied during the first 48 months, which means that the YEL contribution is either 18,80 % or 19,70 % due to the transitional provision. When transferring from TyEL to YEL, the entrepreneurship is seen to have started during the transfer – in other words 1 May 2017 the earliest.

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