How do I mark my travel expenses?

Marking down your travel expenses on the invoice form is easy. Just follow these steps below:

  1. Enter your destination and country, along with a short description of the purpose of your trip. Please keep in mind that clear description will make the handling of your invoice faster.  
  2. Enter your travel dates along with travel times.
  3. Finally add the address (street and town) of both your departure and arrival destination. 

Click "I drove this route more than once" to enter the number of times you've driven the same route. This way you won't need to fill in the same information multiple times. 
Lower you can fill in the details of your vehicle and possible daily and/or food allowances. 

An example of the form.

Should I add my travel expensese to the invoice?

You should note the portion of your travel expenses already when pricing your services. You can either include them on your final price or invoice them separately from your customer. 
In principal, expenses that are clearly visible and itemized on the invoice, are non-taxable income to their receiver. This means that no preliminary tax will be withheld. In this case, leave the checkbox "add allowances automatically to the invoice" checked. 

This is what the travel expenses will look like on the invoice: 

If you wish not to invoice your travel costs from your client,
 uncheck the checkbox "Add allowances automatically to the invoice". This way the expenses will not be invoiced from your client, which means they will be taxable to you.

In this case, you can apply for a deduction by adding them to your personal pre-completed tax return send to you each spring by the Finnish Tax Administration. 

How do I mark down the expenses from using public transportation?

Mark down the travel expenses from your public transportation tickets and send in the receipts in "save and add travel costs".
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