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Must I include VAT to my price?


With few exceptions, value added tax must be paid from the invoiced amount.
In order for you to get the salary you want, the amount of VAT should be taken into consideration already when pricing your services. UKKO.fi salary calculator will help you with this.
The amount of VAT must always be visible on the invoice. You can write down the unit price, VAT either included or excluded:
  • If you write down a price without VAT, the form will automatically calculate the VAT portion, show the price and make the separation on the invoice.
  • If you write down a price including VAT, the form will automatically calculate the VAT portion and separate the prices including and excluding VAT.
Please keep in mind that when your setting and agreeing on a price with an individual, you must always include VAT in to the price. When invoicing companies, however, price is usually given without VAT.

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