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What to do when an accident takes place at work?

Tapaturman sattuessa ota yhteyttä asiakaspalveluumme saadaksesi toimintaohjeet ja hakeudu hoitoon. In case of an accident or injury, please contact our customer service for detailed instructions and get medical treatment when needed. 

Huomaathan, että UKKO.fi-tapaturmavakuutus on voimassa vain jos olet tehnyt työnaloitusilmoituksen aloittaessasi työt UKKO.fi:n kautta. 

Please note, that UKKO.fi accident insurance is only valid if you've made a worknote in your control panel before starting work through UKKO.fi. 

You will first pay the necessary treatment yourself. Insurance company will cover the costs later in exchange for a receipt. Remember to have your KELA-card with you at the treatment facility.   

In case of a serious accident and an urgent situation, please dial primarily 112 and inform our customer service when possible. 

Covering medical expenses requires a commitment appropriation obtained from the insurance company beforehand. Commitment appropriation is not, however, needed for the first visit or for the treatment measures directly related to it (e.g. cast application, radiology and ultrasound or other equivalent treatment measure) or urgent medical treatment necessary for the injured due to immediate and serious threat.

MRI or endoscopic examination are not included in these type of medical treatments, meaning they always require a commitment appropriation. 

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