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Can I Add Expenses?


Yes, you can easily add expenses to your invoice!

Navigate to the bottom section of your invoice form. In the sections "Expense list" and "Per diem, meal, and travel allowances" you can add certain expenses. 

Please keep in mind that your expenses need to be entered on the invoice form before sending it for acceptance. If we find a mistake or a missing field, we'll send you an email with the instruction on what needs to be corrected. After this, you have two weeks to go and make the necessary changes before we decline them. 

What Expenses Can I Add?

Tax-deductible expenses are all work- and invoice-related expenses, such as material and travel expenses.

Please remember to enter all the necessary information requested on the invoice form.

You'll also need to provide us with the necessary receipts, so remember to save those when making a work-related purchase!

Expenses not tax-deductible through us:

  • Representation or restaurant expenses.
  • Marketing or training costs are usually not deductible.
  • Work equipment, machines or working clothes.
    • Due to the risk of private use, as opposed to work-related use, these expenses cannot be deducted trough us. When the receipt goes trough us, the purchased item would technically, for accounting purposes, be seen as the property of UKKO.fi. This would make exchange and resale problematic. 
    • Work-related costs, that are not deductible trough us can, however, be claimed in your own personal taxation as standard deduction for work-related expenses. 
  • Office supplies or postal expenses are not deductible, unless they directly 
  • Fuel or dining expenses
    • Fuel or dining expenses from work-related travels are noted in the taxation of daily and travel allowances. Therefore, they are not deductible. 

Still Wondering About Something?
If you are feeling unsure about what you can or cannot deduct through us, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service before purchasing a product or service. 

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