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What's the right billing amount?


Billing amount is the amount that will be charged from your client or customer.

When pricing your services you should keep in mind that you will not receice the whole billing amount to yourself. From the billing amount, UKKO.fi will make the necessary payments, such as taxes and UKKO.fi service fee.
When evaluating the right billing amount, remember to keep in mind these payments:

-Value added tax (VAT)
-UKKO.fi-service fee
-social security fee when needed
-additional cost 
-withholding tax
-YEL insurance when needed

Good way to figure out the perfect billing amount, is to try different amount in our salary calculator.
In a traditional employment it is your employer who makes sure these payments mentioned above are made. When you work as a light entrepreneur, UKKO.fi will take care of them for you. 
Please note that according to Employment contracts Act, there is no employment relationship between the light entrepreneur and UKKO.fi.

We have written a lot about pricing in our blog. You can find useful articles by clicking here.
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