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Can I invoice customers overseas?

Yes, you can also send invoices overseas, as longs as the work is done in Finland.

You can also invoice work that physically takes place overseas, however in this case it needs to be a single work case ordered by your Finnish client. If you’re unsure about whether your work can be invoiced trough our service or not, please contact our customer service.

Invoicing a foreign company can be done with a regular invoice, however, you also need to provide us with the VAT number given by your client. Please check the accuracy of the VAT number before sending your invoice. You may do that at the Taxations and Custom Union-page by European commission.

Sales inside the EU

A reverse charge procedure applies within the trade between EU countries. The invoice is sent without VAT and the VAT is paid by your overseas client, who may deduct the amount as his or her own sales VAT.

Sales outside the EU
Sales outside the EU are always charged without VAT. In this case, the VAT is paid by the buyer.

Language of the invoice
Invoices going overseas are in English by default, however you may change the language either to Finnish or Swedish.

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