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When is my invoice sent to the customer?

Invoice goes forward to your client/customer once we have gone through its details.

We always go through the invoices before sending them forward.

Normally, invoices made by 4 pm during banking days will go forward during the same day. However, if we find some missing or incorrect information we will contact you via email before sending the invoice forward.

Please, make sure to check the whole invoice before excepting and sending it forward.

Note, that the field and nature of your work must be apparent in the invoice. 
It is not enough to write "pay from February" or "project work". If you write "repair work" in the invoice, you must clarify the specific field and nature of your work in the "more information" field of the invoice.

Once the invoice has been sent, the status on your control panel will change to "sent". Invoices sent trough email or finvoice, will appear in the receivers mailbox during the same day. Invoices sent through regular mail usually take few working days.

You can follow the status of your invoices in your own control panel.

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