I haven't send my tax card yet - can I invoice?


Yes, you can send invoices even before sending your tax card.
We need your tax card, the latest, when you would like to get your salary in payment. 

Among first salary payment, we never automatically take the 60% withholding tax. If you don't want to send us your tax card before the first payment (meaning you want us to take the 60% withholding tax), please contact our customer service.

About to order a new tax card?
If you think your salary might get paid before we've had time to handle your new tax card, please go to your own control panel and change the settings regarding the salary pay time.

Changing the salary pay time in your control panel:
  1. Choose "options" > "payment information" > "salary pay time"
  2. Tick "User pays salary by himself"
This way your salary will not be paid before you do it yourself.

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