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Haven't Send My Tax Card Yet - Can I Invoice?


You should always send your tax card, as soon as you have sent out your first invoice. 

You can also send your tax card before that.

We need your tax card, so that we are able to pay you your salary. Following the practices of Finnish Tax Administration, we must withhold the withholding tax of each invoice as soon as the payment of that invoice comes to our service.
Keep in mind that if we don't have your tax card when we receive a payment for your invoice, we must withhold tax at the rate of 60 %. 

About to order a new tax card?
If you think your salary might get paid before we've had time to handle your new tax card, please go to your own control panel and change the settings regarding the salary pay time.

Changing the salary pay time in your control panel:
  1. Choose "options" > "payment information" > "salary pay time"
  2. Tick "User pays salary by himself"
This way your salary will not be paid before you do it yourself.

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