What does an UKKO.fi light entrepeneur mean?

What is an UKKO.fi light entrepeneur?

Light entrepeneur is a person who operates through a billing service like UKKO.fi. We use the term light entrepeneur, because it is the easiest way to understand our model of work.
Light entrepeneur working through UKKO.fi can personally determine the price of his or her own work. In addition, light entrepeneur is able to decide when and where to work. These features pay resemblence to entrepeneurship. However, as an UKKO.fi light entrepeneur you don't need to have your own bussiness ID.

In addition, UKKO.fi light entrepeneurs can concentrate strictly on their core competences, as we take care of all the paperwork and bureaucracy. Therefore, you can focus all your energy in doing the work you feel passionate about and marketing your service.

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