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How does the recommendation bonus work?

Invite your friend to use UKKO.fi and receive an extra 50€ bonus!


  1. Login to your control panel and scroll down to "Refer UKKO.fi to your friend and both of you receive a bonus of 50€"
  2. Copy your personal registration link from the box below the text
  3. Send the registration link to your friends (for example via email) in order for them to register through it.
  4. Once the amount of your friends invoices is under 300 € excluding VAT (minimum) you will both receive an extra bonus of 50€ to your UKKO.fi accounts. The bonus will appear in the control panel as an extra 50€ invoice. You can take out your bonus right away, or you can included into another payment.

    NOTE! Only users who have registered through a personal link will receive the bonus.
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