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Do I need to notify when I start work?

Yes, you should notify us when starting your work and billing through UKKO.fi.
In order to make sure you have excisting insurances, make sure to notify us before starting your work. You can do this in your own control panel.
After you have notified us, you will have both, a valid UKKO.fi accident insurance, as well as a valid liability insurance that will cover any materialistic damages.
You should fill in a starting date, as well as an estimated ending day for your work. In addittion, you should describe the nature of your work, place of your work, as well as client information.

See an example below:

Nature / field of work: e.g. graphic design, construction work, consulting, etc.
Place of work: Modelstreet 1, 00100 Helsinki
Client: Example Oy, Charlie Contactperson

You can make a notification for maximum of 6 months at once.

If during the last month, you have already invoiced work from similar field through UKKO.fi, you will not have to make a separate notification.

Notification will not cost you any extra fees, as it is included in the commission.


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