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Will I get job offers through UKKO.fi?

We at UKKO.fi don't have an employment service, which means you won't directly receive any job offers from us.

We at UKKO.fi take care of all the administrative tasks, so you as a light entrepeneur can focus on doing what you do best.
This means that we don't work as an employment service or market the services you provide. In other words, you can personally decide how to best market, sell and execute your own service or work.
You can, however, take a look at our page tyontekijoita.fi, which is the new meeting place for light entrepeneurs. All UKKO.fi users can add their own profile to the page for free, however, at the moment the page only operates in Finnish.
We have also recently published a Freelancer Guide for Immigrants, where you can find a lot of basic information about working as a freelancer or as an light entrepeneur in Finland. Click here to access the guide.
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