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Starting a business name and becoming a sole trader is easy. Why would I use UKKO.fi?

Yes, starting a business name and becoming a sole trader is easy, however, it will also tie you to all the responsibilities and duties of an entrepeneur.

This means that in addition to doing what you love and feel passionate about, you also need to take care of:
  • YEL- pension payments
  • withholding tax and tax reports
  • financial statements and book keeping
  • invoicing and debt collection (when necessary)

You can always outsource your accounting to someone else but that will cost you and these monthly costs will keep running even when there is no work. This can be especially tricky in the beginning of your entrepeneurship, when the sales are most likely still relatively small.

With UKKO.fi you can leave all the worries about bureaucracy to us, which means you can put all your focus on your core talent and marketing yourself. UKKO.fi will take care of all the necessary administrative and legal obligations. We want to help you do what you love the most and invoice your work without having to take the responsibility of managing a company.

You can also test the value of your business idea by trying it out with our UKKO.fi service before starting your own company. Registration is free and there are no monthly fees.

Take a look at our pricing here.

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