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Should I start trying out my business idea as an UKKO.fi-user first?

With UKKO.fi you can start easily without commitments or monthly payments. Therefore, trying out your business idea as an UKKO.fi Light Entrepeneur is simple and risk-free.

You can start working right away and keep your focus on the core of your own talent and knowhow. After registration you can immediately create your first invoice. Take a look at our pricing from here.

Even if you later, as your revenue starts to grow, decide to start your own company it is much easier when you have already found clients to work with. Starting as an UKKO.fi Light Entrepeneur you will also gain confidence and valuable experience within the marketing and promoting of your company. Likewise, if you come to notice that there is not enough demand for your idea, you can easily stop without having to deal with too much red tape.
We have written a comprehensive guide for all Freelancers starting their career in Finland. It includes everything from making sure you have the correct visa, to getting a bank account and signing up with UKKO.fi. It's free and it will help you - download it now!
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